Romancing The Stone of Your Life

It was obvious I was lost in translation on this path of finding my purpose. I spent years trying to search for what fulfilled my soul but I was clueless. I needed something to reignite my fire. What was I missing? Uhm….it dawned on me, I was missing passion.

If I could retrace my steps, I lost my passion at the end of 2006 while stationed in South Carolina. A series of negative things kept happening in my life and consequently South Carolina became my arch nemesis. I truly wonder why I chose such an isolated place away from all the people & things I loved.

When I finally finished my 9yrs of military service I was left with the decision to leave or stay. Honestly, I wanted to run as far away from here as I could but I was hurting. I needed a fresh start but I didn’t believe this would be the place of my new beginnings. However, God’s plans for my life was greater than I could imagine.

So, the journey started as the walls came tumbling down brick by brick each layer exposed a deeper part of my pain. I was left naked with the pure ugliness of who I became over the last several years.

While I kicked and screamed my way through the journey I became tired of the misery. I was tired of the circle of insanity and often begged the Lord to let me leave South Carolina. I was angry; I wanted God to tell me why I was here. But I had no idea that all the misfortunes were just preparing me for my purpose. I was challenged to romance the stones in my life and change them into diamonds.

It’s funny; as much as I wanted to leave God used this place of transition as a place for me to become whole. Whatever, I thought I was looking for found me. And as I continue to heal I am feeling more alive everyday embracing the passion that sets my soul on fire!

Creating Your Own Family Traditions!

June has been a month where I slowed down smelled the roses, enjoyed the simplicity of life and learned to embrace the fun right in my own backyard. I often find myself traveling and finding a new adventure on the open road but for the month of June I realized how I needed to slow down. It is amazing how God will use certain moments in our life to show us our true self and this was one of those moments. I realized how important it was for me to deal with myself, listen to stillness in order to hear God’s voice, my thoughts and spend time on reflecting. It was very hard for me to sit still the whole month of June without being able to travel. I believe this moment in my life taught me how to appreciate what I often run from daily. I am sure I am not alone in this journey of learning to appreciate life and everything that I am surrounded by. I learned some valuable lessons in the month of June. The greatest lesson I learned this Fourth of July is creating my own family traditions for me and my daughter. Since I resided in South Carolina it has been hard to be here without my family. Family is so important to me. When you spend half of your life living away from your immediate family it begins to wear on your heart. South Carolina was the last place I wanted to call home however, it was God perfect plan for me to exit the military and settle here for this season in my life. Instead of fighting God’s plan for this season of my life I decided to submit and go through the process. However, its not what I go through but how I go through it—> Eliminating The Attitude.

This Fourth of July I made it up in my mind not to through a pity party because I had no family to celebrate the holiday. I woke up enthusiastic with the idea of creating family traditions for me and my daughter. I wanted us to have our own family traditions to look forward to for each holiday. I did not have to be angry or bitter about not being with my family in Michigan but understanding that me and my daughter had our own family. Oftentimes as single parents we feel that a family dynamics do not include us because we are one parent short of the equation. Although, we are single parents it is our duty to make sure our children have a healthy living environment. In the process of building this environment we have to be mindful to institute special traditions that give our children something to look forward to in our family. I am mindful that I am a single parent but never is that an excuse to make my daughter feel as if she is missing out on having a family. The next couple of holidays I will strive to have more traditions for us to enjoy. So, do not get stuck in a rut when you are a thousand miles away from your loved ones use the opportunity to capitalize on creating your own family traditions. Just remember family is never about the size (the quantity) but family is about the quality (the time you spend).

P.S. It warmed my heart to see my daughter enjoying our family time together this Independence Day…It is sooooo worth her smile!