30 Days of Stillness

In a world filled with the consumption of busyness it is very unusual in our American culture to take time to be still. Since I have been back in the United States it seems as if we consistently glorify busyness, as if it is a badge of honor. The glorification of being busy has caused many diseases, stress, breakdowns and much more for the American culture. People identify with the words “hustle”, “grind” and “go-getter” as a way to celebrate their busy lives. Too often we confuse productivity with busyness and vice versa. Therefore, slowing down is never a thought because we do more to be more to get more. Instead of finding the beauty in simplicity we rush through life missing out on it.

I remember when I lived abroad I cherished the simplicity of life and enjoyed the moments of downtime. Simplicity was not so foreign to me until I came back to the US.  I began to yearn for the days where being present in the moment was a joy. Although, I’ve been  back in the US for 11 years now I still have not adjusted to the hustle and bustle of busyness. However, I made a vow to myself to get back to the life of simplicity!

Every summer I spend time strategizing where I want to go and who I plan to visit yet, this summer I wanted to do something different. I decided to spend 30 days being still; doing absolutely nothing. And to be honest, I found so much enjoyment in relaxing, slowing down and being present in the moment. Although, you may not be able to take 30 days off to be still but you can pick a day to do absolutely nothing.

Here are a couple of things I learned from my month of slowing down.

1. It can wait. Sometimes what you think is a priority is not a priority so rearrange your list and take some time to slow down.

2. Staycation.  Staycations are the best vacations because it allows you to rest and refresh your whole being.

3. Stop chasing people. I spent too many summers and holidays on the road visiting people who had no intentions of visiting me. Save your gas and money for a trip you want to take alone.

4. Become a priority in your own life. Stop waiting until other people put you as a priority on their list. It is time you become number 1 on your own list.

5. Stillness is mindfulness. When you are consumed with the present moment you see the present in everyday living.

So, take the time to disconnect yourself from the spirit of busy and embrace the joys of living in the moment. 

Which lesson will you implement this week? Let me know in the comments.

Surviving To Thriving: Plan In Action!

If all you do is dream and never make effective steps to plan your success then your dream remains a dream. It is important to not only set goals in your life but to have a specific plan to execute your goals. In order to fully execute your goals you have to implement a strategy. At the end of 2015, I realized how much I needed to get my act together. I was tired of repeating the same endless cycles over and over again. It simply became a cycle of insanity that I needed to break. For a long time I settled for survival mode instead of thriving mode. Mediocrity began to take over my life and I embraced it wholeheartedly. However, things began to shift in my life. I was no longer okay with being apart of the mediocre life club. I became unhappy with the redundancy that crippled my life. So, I came face to face with the truth that I needed to make different life choices.

When you embrace mediocrity you are setting yourself up for failure. You cannot obtain your life goals if you never take action. The first part of efficient action is creating a plan to shift into the thriving mode. You have to reevaluate all the things you have been doing that has not worked for you. In order to dig your way out of the hole of surviving you have to be willing to use different strategies. The different strategies you can use are as follows:

  • Create A Plan
  • Ask For Help
  • Research Resolutions
  • Confront The Issue
  • Create Steps To Solve The Issue
  • Review Conflict Resolution Steps: Identify the conflict or problem, Look at core of issue, create effective solutions, Work the solutions
After you create a plan to get out of survival mode you can put forth strategies to look for ways to help you thrive. Here are a couple ways to shift your life & mindset into thriving.
  • Debunk old mindset, renew your mind
  • Reevaluate your life
  • Create a vision for your life
  • Write the vision down
  • Make plans
  • Look for effective resources to help you accomplish the plan
  • Make different choices in your life
  • Look for new opportunities
  • Be open-minded 
After you reassess your life you can start to plan your escape from surviving to thriving in life. All you have to do is be determined to put your plan into action!