Born "Alpha", Woman That Is!

I know who I am, I embrace who I am and who I am is what I accept; no validation needed. ~Stylicia~
Its has been almost two years since I threw away the carbon copy of who I thought I was and traded it in for the unadulterated woman God created me to be. In this journey I have learn so much about myself and realized the authentic me had to emerge. I lived my life for years being a fake, pleasing other people because of my insecurities. In 2011, I got an epiphany and have not been the same ever since.  My circle of friends have changed and I realize this road to authenticity can be lonely when you start dancing to the own beat of your drum. In the first two months of 2013 the revelation of myself started to go deeper when I went on a 30 day soul detox. The big reveal was that I am not an ordinary woman but extraordinary woman. God created me with unique characteristics that I did not want to embrace. Have you ever asked God, “Why did you make me this way?” The simple answer is God loves me just the way I am and does not mind being patient with me to tame or deliver the things that will harm my success. So yesterday in deep conversation with a dear friend I brought up “The Alpha Woman”. I told her we are Alpha Women, born to be this way. You may ask me, “Stylicia, what exactly is an Alpha Woman?” After intense research on the Alpha Woman I have complied a list of some characteristics that make me or you an Alpha Woman. Let’s look deeper and embrace this “Alpha Woman” phenom.
The Unveiling Of The Alpha Woman : Characteristics
Characteristic #1: The Alpha Woman is Confident. She knows what she wants and go for it. Go Getter Mentality
Characteristic #2: The Alpha Woman is Independent. She believes in pushing her own weight and making things happen for herself.
Characteristic #3: The Alpha Woman is Purpose Driven. She knows her purpose in life and everyday she sets a target to fulfill her goals.
Characteristic #4: The Alpha Woman is aware of her power. She uses her feminine power to lead in a positive light. She is subtle and like the finer things in life.
Characteristic #5: The Alpha Woman is classy. She is wrapped in all things elegant.
Characteristic #6: The Alpha Woman is a trendsetter. She inspires people through her words, her style, and most of all through her presence.
Characteristic #7: The Alpha Woman does not have to demand respect, respect automatically follows her; everywhere she goes.
Characteristic #8: The Alpha Woman can sometimes be demanding. She lives her life on auto inspire & auto make a difference. She is out to change the world.
Characteristic #9 The Alpha Woman is confident.
Characteristic #10 The Alpha Woman is authentic.
Characteristic #11: The Alpha Woman is intellectual. She loves to gain knowledge through educating herself for the next big takeover.
Characteristic #12: The Alpha Woman is unique. She never tries to blend in because she knows her worth and she knows she is an original. No one can imitate her.
Does this sound like you? Well if so, join the bandwagon I AM AN ALPHA WOMAN, TOO! Embrace who you are, allow God to perfect it and balance you out. Never be ashamed of who you are be that “Alpha Woman” you were born to be!
Examples of Alpha Women:
1) Beyonce
2) Oprah Winfrey
3) First Lady Michelle Obama
4) Tyra Banks
5) Jada Pinkett
6) Alicia Keys
7) Queen Latifah
8) Angela Bassett
9) Mary J Blige

5 Habits of Wealthy People

Everyone wants to be rich but I have realized being wealthy has nothing to do with a dollar amount. Your mind has to first conceive wealth as a mental concept then your mind will be open to understand the characteristics of a wealthy person. Below I have listed five essential habits of wealthy people.

1. Wealthy people live simple lives. Simplicity is a way of life for wealthy people because they find joy in the simple pleasures of life. They enjoy things that are not filled with monotony. They embrace the simple things around them and not take them for granted.

2. Wealthy people are lowkey. People who have status or stature are the most quiet and humble people you will ever know in your life. They do not brag about their wealth but use their status wisely. 

3. Wealthy people are systematic. They like to stay focus and not allow distractions to take them off course. They keep their goals in the fore front. They never worry about what other people are doing because they do not have time to keep up with others. They are busy working their plan and creating the life they desire.

4. Wealthy people are distinctive about who are in their inner circle. They do not label everyone as a confidante. They understand that some people are seasonal and make shifts to include new people in their circle. They also understand evolution is apart of growth so as they grow their human interactions will change and flourish.

5. Wealthy people create. A person who is wealthy is always creating new ideas and concepts. They do not go to bed normal hours because their mind is always activating innovative ideas for their million dollar lifestyle. People who are wealthy are creative innovators. They exercise their power to create and manifest their creation.