Red Lips & Stilettos

Red Lips & Stilettos: A Girl’s Guide To Self-Confidence! is an eBook filled with valuable lessons to help women gain the confidence to combat low self-worth and low self-esteem. Women who struggle with past traumatic issues such as rape, abuse, molestation, heartbreak and more will be able to use this eBook as a guide to their healing journey.This eBook will help women explore five concepts (in a bit size format) that will help them recharge and re-energize their self-worth. The five concepts were formulated to help women connect back to their authentic self. During the self-confidence journey they will understand that confidence is a priceless commodity that can change their entire life!

Here are the five concepts discussed in the eBook: 

Lesson 1: What is Self-Confidence?

Lesson 2: Validation Is For Parking!

Lesson 3: A Man Is Not Your Self-Confidence Plan!

Lesson 4: Fill Your Cup!

Lesson 5: Affirm Your Worth!