Wake Up: The Insomnia Movement

I woke up to my cell phone ringing loud and clear on the other end of the phone was my Friend. As we talked I still laid in bed trying to fully compose myself from my slumber. The words that resounded loudly after we had our phone conversation was “Wake Up”.

So many of us are sleeping and are not conscious of what has taken place around us. We are walking in a lifeless state as if we were zombies, no brains just cobwebs occupying the space between our ears. I begin to think of songs orchestrated by musicians like Teddy Pendergrass with Melvin and the Blue Notes “Wake Up Everybody”, it sirs something in my soul. The soul needs to be awaken with the consciousness of knowing we are dying and the world around us is becoming mutilated. We live in a dying world where in reality no one wants to hear the truth so we feed ourselves and our offspring deceptive lies. We refuse to take ownership for the state of what our life has become. We are too busy being intoxicated by the schemes and scams that has detoured our soul…Money, Status, Haterism, and other non significant things or people that add to the nonsense. Every color and race seems to suffer from this state of “ignorance”. Black American , White American, Latinos and more have not become conscious of what has plagued us as the world turns on its axis. Some cultures are beginning to rise up from their sleep and joining the Insomnia Movement. However other races, such as African Americans still play into stereotypes, as we have enslaved ourselves to become the slave of all races. The truth shall be televised but has been sugar coated and water down to feed it to the people who cannot handle the truth. When will the revolution begin in our minds? When will we understand the damage that has been done to the world around us? When will we see how much our children are suffering from the lack of discpline in the home and uncivilized structure in the home? Single parents we got to join the insomnia movement, we can no longer act like the man and still think like a woman. We have to act like the lady and be the feminine sista God created us to be but then we wonder why homosexuality runs rapid in our community. The truth is no one is teaching the little boys how to be men and little girls how to be women. Homosexuality is not a contagious outbreak but a disease that has killed the hope and dream of brothers and sisters of all races who want a chance in life. Homosexuality has caused many sistas and brothas to be bashed and set apart from the world around them. If truth be told we need to ask them where did this parasite root begin and not bible beat but love them. God created us all equal but it is okay to not to agree or accept the lifestyle due to spiritual beliefs or personal beliefs but is never okay to hate, kill or murder someone for the choice they have made in their sexuality. What if God condemned us for being fornicators, smokers etc.? The God we serve is a God of love and he gives us the law of free will. The best thing to do is pray for those who may be lost.

If love is contagious then we need to spread more of it and up root the seed that has caused damnation to our next generation…Black people, white people, brown people, and may more races “WE ARE CHALLENGED TODAY AND EVERYDAY TO….WAKE UP”!!!


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