My Resignation Letter To Fear

 When you let fear go and replace it with faith then you can begin to soar high above measure. ~Stylicia~
Below is a resignation letter to fear stating the reason goodbye is necessary for the next transition/level in my life.

How long will you allow fear to paralyze you and keep you from living outside the box? Don’t you believe it is time to give fear its walking papers?

Dear Fear,

Today I have made a decision to let you go by letting myself be free. I am turning in my resignation letter because I have been abused, tormented and constantly stressed by your tactics. I am tired of being manipulated by your control and not living the life God created me to live. I have allowed you to transmit your diseases of anxiety, stress, nightmares, paralyzing antics,phobias and everything else stemming from your tree. The last four years have been HELL with you and I am no longer going to stay in this toxic relationship. I want to live a life outside of my comfort zone where survival, mediocrity, depression, settling, tired ,and what if I cant’ has been apart of my circle. I am choosing freedom to live life on edge, adventure, fulfillment, success and reaching for the sky. I cannot live in freedom if I continue to work for you so today I let you go. You can no longer hold the death of my daughter over my head to keep me hostage to the four walls of the pit I created through isolation. I know who I am now and no longer accept the false identity that I have carried with me 4 years. I am facing you today in order to live a fearless life. I am no longer scared to take a risk and move forward. I do not know what the future may hold but I am certain that you, “Fear” cannot walk with me in my next season. So I am cutting all ties with you and resigning from the position I use to hold in your company. I have traded it in for the powerful, fearfully and wonderfully made woman I am…

So Long Fear,
Stylicia Bowden

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