Rewrite The Script To Your Life…..

In life we are the directors and producers of what we want our life to be so we might as well write a script of what we dream our life to be. ~Stylicia~
Recently I watched a 7 day webinar on Ustream entitled ” 7 Secrets of A Dreamer”. The host of the webinar, Shanel Cooper Sykes did a fabulous job in tapping into the things that hold us back from allowing our dreams to manifest. I realized alot of the points she made throughout the 7 days made sense to the journey I was on in the past. I wanted to live my dream so bad but my actions, words and everything else was not lining up. I felt I had to get approval or validation from others to live my dream. After taking a two year hiatus to step back and reevaluate myself I realize I was not being true to myself and needed to live in my authenticity. Now I realize my words, actions and thoughts about living my dream have to be in sync with each other. Ms. Cooper discussed the language of a dreamer on Day 4, learning to be aware of what you speak and your thoughts concerning your life. She stated “Your words, your thoughts are shaping your life”, which is true & powerful. The assignment Ms. Cooper assigned to us was to be bold and rewrite a different script to our lives. So, I decided to take a leap of boldness and put it on my blog. I am a dreamer, I believe in my dreams and I know they will come true by me putting forth action in making them reality. Here is the rewritten story of my life, just watch the manifestation…Soon To Come:
As I sit looking out my hotel window I see the beautiful breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. I am quietly writing away another script of my life, another New York Best Time Seller is coming forth out of my womb. I am in awe of how God has allowed me to travel profusely across the international border to speak on authenticity, business and do book signings. I have even been able to expose my life to my daughter who loves to travel with me while I am working. It is a precious gift to work for myself and own my own company. When I am not traveling I am busy lecturing at colleges as a college professor on subjects pertaining to marketing, branding and business. I realize how blessed I am and I thank God for all he is has done. It was such an honor to speak poetically at Black Girl’s Rock and NAACP Awards. Sometimes I reflect on how far I have come in my life from Detroit to the military to living in SC and now a business owner. It is my desire to leave behind a legacy to encourage, uplift and inspire women to be authentic without social validation. I cannot wait to go to London to work on my fashion clothes line entitled The Authentic Woman. Fashion has been a passion since I was young and never knew it would grow into something as major as my own clothes line. I have many more speeches, lectures and books to write but right now I am basking in the glow of the moment. I have dreamed of Paris for so long but to sit here and write here is unbelievable. It started with a seed of faith, faith with works and belief in myself and who God created me to be. If you dare to dream, dream big and dream with your eyes open, you need to see your dream come to fruition. My dream has come true and everyday I have to make it a reality!
I rewrote my script and now watch it come to manifestation, it’s time for you to be bold and rewrite the script or story of your life!


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