3 Reasons To Activate "The Power of Gratitude"

They are many things that have transpired over this year from Ebola to the ISIS crisis, we are overwhelmed with societal issues. However, despite the negative things that are affecting out society we can make a choice to look on the bright side and find some peace of mind. I believe many times we tend to focus more on the negative things instead of the positive things. I have found that there is an awesome power in spending time in gratitude. We always have something to be grateful for no matter what circumstances may come our way. If we are brave enough to acknowledge what we are grateful for we begin to allow more blessings to flow in our lives. When we give thanks we transform our world and give God the permission to bless our lives abundantly.Gratitude is your connection to a happier life. 
Below I have listed three reasons why you need to tap into the power of gratitude.

1.  Your situation could be worse. Oftentimes we are so consumed with our problems that we do not realize our situations could be worst. 

2. It creates  happiness. When you began to reflect or meditate on what you are thankful for you begin to create positive endorphins to your mine. According to Greater Good site, Scientists also believe that altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain, producing the positive feeling known as the “helper’s high.”

3. You can experience a more abundant life. Abundance is not just about having money but it is about living life in an overflow state. When you activate the power of gratitude you will increase in stature. 

The best way to start activating your gratitude power is by getting a journal and listing three things every morning that you are grateful for in your life. So, I urge to give the power of gratitude a try! 

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